Imperil : endanger , threarten (khatre me daalna)

Example : Tax increases now might imperil economic recovery

Elevate : Increase , hightened (upar utha hua)

Example : His energy and talent elevate him to goodlike status

Sturdy : Strong and Healthy , that will not break easily
Example : He is sturdy and so fit for the job

Avail: Benefit, Take advantage of, Aid, Utilize, make use of, help

Example: You must avail yourself of every opportunity to speak english

Exodus: Exit, Leaving, Migration, Departure (group me vapasi)

Example: There has been a mass exodus of workers from the village to the towns

Foist: Impose, Force, Inflict, Press, Enforce (thopna)

Example: He doesn’t try to foist his beliefs on everyone

Stringent: Strict, Firm, Rigorous, severe, rigid  (kari se kari)

Example: She failed to meet the stringent selection criteria

Hinge on : Depend On , Revolve, around, rest on, to be subjected to

Example: My decision will hing on your views

Prolonge: protracted, lingering, elongated, persisting (lamba khicha)

Example: After prolonged questioning she finally confessed

Ominous: menacing, threatening, baleful (khrab, afshagun)

Example: There was an ominous silence at the other end of the phone

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