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Most Important Vocab Day-04

Gratify : pleasure, satisfaction ( kisi ko acha feel krvana, satisfied krvana)

Example: It’s very gratifying to have this kind of reception here

Frighten: Scare, Shock, terrify, alarm, appal, haunting, Daunt (darana)

Example: Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you

Subtlety: niceness (bahut accurate ho)

Example: Her Dancing has great subtlety

Inception : Beginning, Start, Origin, Birth

Example: I was surprised because Ankita was involved with this project from inception

Intervention : Interference, Involvement ( Interfere karna)

Example: The Government’s intervention in this dispute will not help

Exacerbate: worsen, aggravate, intensify, infuriate, provoke, excite (kisi k situation ko aur khrab kar dena)

Example: Alcohol may increase levels of hepatic fat and induce or exacerbate liver injury

Restraint: control

Example: You showed great restraint in not crying

Monotonus : boring, mind-numbing, tedious, dull

Example: Her life is a monotonous routine.

Sheer: Pure, Absolute, Complete

Example: It was sheer luck that we met like that.

Accolade : Appreciation, praise (Tarif karna)

The CEO received accolades for business success


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