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Important Vocabulary

PERCOLATE(used about a liquid,gas, etc.) to move gradually through a surface that has very small holes or spaces in itबूंद बूंद करके टपकना
RENOWNFame and Respectप्रसिद्ध
VITRIOLIC (used about a language, comment, writing, etc.)Full of hatred and anger अति कटु भाषण
TOUT to advertise, talk about, or praise something or someone repeatedly, especially as a way of encouraging people to like, accept or buy somethingज़ोर शोर से प्रचार करना
WATERSHEDan event or period that is important because it represents a big change in how people do or think about something:जलविभाजक
FILIALconnected to or related with the relationship between children and their parentsसहायक
CAUSTICCritical, cruel, bitter, badकटू
HARBINGERsomething bad is a sign that is going to happen, Heraldसंकेत
UTILITARIANDesigned and intended to be practical and useful rather than attractiveउपयोगी
LINGUALtongue, Languageभाषा-संबंधी
ENTAILMENTImplication, Deductionअनुलाग
EXPEDIENCYExpediency means doing what is convenient rather than what is morally right, advantage, benefit, profit, gainलाभ
ABRIDGEto reduce the length of (a written work)by condensing or rewritingकाट-छाँट
SCANTnot very much, not as much as necessaryथोड़ा
PRECURSORA precursor of something is a similar thing that happened or existed before it, often something that led to the existence or development of that thing.अग्रगामी
CLAPPERA person or thing that clapsताली बजाने वाला


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