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Most Important Vocab

Plummet – Fall Hard and Fast (niche ki aur tezi se girna)

Example: An excellent rice harvest caused prices to plummet by 40%

Competence: Ability (chhamta)

Example: Courses to improve the competence of staff.

Pandemonium: Chaos, Disorder (halla, gulla)

Example: There was pandemonium when the news was announced.

Canny: Clever, Artful

Example: He was canny enough to see that they were trying to trap him

Chagrin: Displeasure (nakhush, chidh)

Example: She felt chagrin at being rejected

Lull: Pause, calm (sant karna)

Example: I can’t lull her fears

Mar: Hurt, Damage

Example: She was a really generous girl, and allowed no further bitterness to mar their adioux

Notorious: Famous with Bad name

Example: She is notorious for her wild behaviour

Natal: Innate, Inherent (janam ka)

Example: It was surprising just how people fitted their natal sign.

Vitriol: Bitterness

Example: Her mother’s sudden gush of fury and vitriol.

Weary: tired (thaka)

Example: Never be weary of well doing

Witty: Funny & clever

Example: His plays were very good, very witty

Dement: Crazy (pagal bnana)

Example: He is a dement.

Meticulous: Very careful & precise

Example: He was so meticulous about everything

Rapacious: Plundering, greedy (lalchi)

Example: He looked somehow rapacious


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