Most Important Vocabulary

Herda large number of animals that live and feed togetherपशुओं का झुंड
DeficitShortage, insufficiency, inadequacyकमी
SacristyA sacristy is a room in a church where the priest or minister changes into their official clothes and where holy objects are kept पूजा सामग्री कक्ष
Availhelp, aid, assist, benefitलाभ
Strayto go away from the place where you should beभटका हुआ
Accustomusual, regular, habitनियमित
ProprietorThe owner of the business, a hotel, etc.मालिक
Nimbleagile, active, quickफुर्तीला
DemeanorAttitude, Appearance, Deportment, Carriageव्यवहार
FlockA group of sheep or birds, A large number of peopleझुण्ड

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