Most Important Vocabulary

Imperativeassertive, peremptory, Exigent, Urgentअनिवार्य
Slaughterto kill an animal usually for food, to kill a large no of people at one time, especially in a cruel wayहत्या
SplurgeSquander, dissipate, disburseबौछाड़
Tingea small amount of color or a feelingरंग
Invigoraterevitalize, energize, revive, rejuvenateमज़बूत करना
Museto think carefully about something for a time, without noticing what is happening around youगंभीर विचार
Decriminalisecease to treat (something) as illegal or as a criminal offense
legitimize, allow, permit, regulate, sanction,
दोषारोपण करना
Trembleto shake, for example, because you are cold, frightened, etc.काँपना
TreasureA collection of very valuable objects, for example, gold, silver, jewelry, etcखजाना
OmenIt indicates what is likely to happen in the future & whether it will be good or badशगुन चिह्न

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