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Most Important Vocabulary

ExtolPraise Enthusiasticallyप्रशंसा करना
Undeniablywithout any question, alright, assuredly, clearly, definitely, doubtlessअविवाद्य
AdmireRegard with respect or warm approvalआदर 
Accentuateto indicate the importance of by centering attention on, accent, emphasize, feature, foregroundदबाव का चिह्न
Falteredto show uncertainty about the right course of action, hesitate, scruple, stagger, teeterलड़खड़ाना
Discretionarysubject to one’s freedom of choice, elective, optional, voluntaryविवेकाधीन
MammothHuge, Giganticविशाल
KnaveDishonest Personधूर्त
LudicrousSo foolish, unreasonable, out of place as to be amusingऊटपटांग
Unwittinglywithout being aware, unintentionally, forgetful, inadvertent, uninformedअनिच्छापूर्वक


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