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Most Important Vocabulary

FraughtAnxious, worried, upsetpareshan hona
DiscretionaryOptional, non-compulsory, voluntary
Ridiculeunkind laughter or behavior that is intended to make somebody/something appear sillymazak urana
AloofDistant, Detached, UnresponsiveAlag- thalag
De-factoIn practice, In effect, In factvastav me
Insularnarrow-minded, limited, blinkered
FacadeA false appearance that makes someone or something seem more pleasant or better than they really areDikhawa
IncredulousUnwilling or unable to believe something, Dubious, Cynical, Sceptical, Wary, CharyVishwash na hona
SquirmNervousness, embarrassmentGhabrahat
ScuffleA short and sudden fight especially one involving a small number of peopleChhina-jhapati, Hathapai


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