Most Important Vocabulary

Fumbleto try to find or take hold of something with your hands in a nervous or careless wayDhundhana
ExcruciatingExtremely PainfulDukh
UnravelInvestigate and solve or explain(something complicated & puzzling)suljhana
Patchynot of the same quality throughoutvichitra
Screamto cry out loudly in a high voice because you are afraid, excited, angry, in pain, etc.chikh marna
Scrambleto fight or move quickly to get something which a lot of people wanthathapaie
Flickto hit something lightly and quickly with your finger or hand in order to move itjhatka dena
Exacerbatemake ( a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worsebdhana
Tenuousvery weak or slightchhota
Swivelto turn around a central point; to make something do thisGhumna

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