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Most Important Vocabulary

Shrugto lift your shoulders as a way of showing that you do not know something or are not interested
Handcuffa pair of metal rings that are joined together by a chain and put around the wrists of prisoners
Impairweaken or damage khrab
Disruptivecausing or tending to cause disruptionhanikarak
Chuckleto laugh quietlymuah band karke hasna
Ruefullyin a way that expresses sorrow or regret, especially in a wry or humorous manner.udashi se
Audacitybehavior that risks being shocking
Squirmto move around in your chair because you are nervous, uncomfortable, etc.Tarpana, chhatpatana
Abscondto run away from a place where you should stay, sometimes with something that you should not takeLapta hona
PlethoraA large or excessive amount of somethingBahut Jyada


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