Most Important Vocabulary

Extripate : Destroy, Reduce (kam karna)

Example: If Hari is lucky, the surgery will extirpate all of the cancer cells from his body.

Modicum: bit, small amount ( kam, thora)

There’s not even a modicum of truth in her statement.

Abortive: Fruitless, Futile (bekar)

Example : That was an abortive attempt.

Vendetta : feud ( dushmani)

Example : He has accused the British media of pursuing a vendetta against him

Espionage: spying (jasusi)

Example :  He is accused of industrial espionage.

Abscond : Depart secretly

Example : He absconded from police custody.

Astound : shock or greatly surprise

Example: Her performance astounded him.

Celibate: abstaining from sexual activity (kuara, brahmchari)

Example :  Catholic priests are required to be celibate.

Perish Die, Decline, Decay, decease, vanish

Example :  We must make sure that democracy does not perish.

Voracious: very hungry, greedy

We became voracious eater while watching cricket match.

Arouse: Awaken,  agitate,  disturb, excite, foment, inflame, kindle.

Example : We must arouse them to fight with enemies.

Pogrom: massacre (tabahi)

Example: The Nazis began a pogrom against Jewish people in Germany

Esoteric : mysterious, obscure (jise smjana muskil ho)

Example: An esoteric concept

Arcane : Hidden, Secret

Example: It is not exactly arcane knowledge.

Enmity: hatred, animosity (dushmani)

Example: I think there is a historic enmity between them.

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