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 1.Manifest : Easy to understand, clearlysee ,To Show, Demonstrate, Evince, Exhibit, Pro

Example: The Identity Of the killer was not manifest

 2. Segregate : Separate, Isolate, Keep aloof, Quarantine

 Example : Everyone wants to segregate our friendship

3. Extinguish : Douse, Ember, Smoldering (bujhana)

Example : It took about 50 minutes to extinguish the fire

 4. Anecdotal : Informal, Unreliable, Unscientific ( suni- sunai baat)

Example : Their research was based largerly on anecdotal evidence

5. Gambit : Plan, tric, tactic, Gimmic, Maneuver

Example : His gambit was so awesome to get a free lunch

6. Beset : Belauguered, Surrounded, Circumscribed ( ghira hua)

Example : Our troops was beset by enemy fire

7. Appetite : Hunger, Famished (bhukh)

Example: He suffered from headache, Insomnia and loss of appetite

8. Futile : Vain, Pointless, Useless, Worthless, Ineffectual, Hollow (bekar)

Example: It would be futile to protest

9. Infirm: Frail, weak, Feeble, Debilitate, Descrepit

Example: The Infirm Patients was sent to live out the rest of their days in the nursing home

10. Dilema : Quandary, Predicament, puzzle, conundrum, difficulty, confusion

Example : I am in a dilemma about this job offer


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