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1. Astronomical – very high, colosal, humongous, gignatic (bahut bara)

Example : Houses in the village are selling for astronomical prices

2. Truce – A truce is an agreement between two people or groups of people to stop fighting or arguing for a short time

Example: They agreed to call a truce

3. Dispute – Argument, controversy (vivad, jhagra)

Example: A long dispute means that both parties are wrong.

4. Pact – A written agreement between two states or sovereigns (samjhauta)

Example: He made a pact with the devil

5. Tout – advertisement (joar-sor se prachar krna, grahak khojna)

Example : He visited thailand and singapore to tout for investment

6. contour – The shape of the outer surface (ruap-rekha)

Example: Their present contours are wholly the result of wind action

7.Exacerbate – aggravate, worsen, inflame (bigar dena, khrab kr dena)

Example : I don’t want to exacerbate the situation

8. Denigrate – Disparage, diminish,belittle ( badnam karna, nicha dikhana)

Example: I didn’t  intend to denigrate her achievement

9. Devious: clever (chalak, tedha-medha, chalbaj)

Example: He has a very Devious mind

10. Sagging – getting weaker, Droop, Languish, Slump (thak kar gir jana, haar jana)

Example : He sat down in the sagging armchair


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